Carefree harnesses the power of technology and the spirit of the Shared Society to support and sustain unpaid carers, the invisible workforce without which our social care system could not survive. In partnership with the hospitality industry and third sector organisations Carefree are tackling one of the greatest social challenges of our life time.

With more than 7 million unpaid carers in the UK, despite their extraordinary contribution, carers are largely invisible to the rest of society. The vast majority of carers develop health problems of their own and many struggle to financially make ends meet, putting the needs of others before themselves and to make matters worse, most of them rarely, if ever, take time out for them.

Privatus Club Founder & CEO, Chris Game, highlights why Privatus Club felt the need to make Carefree one of their official charity partners.
“At some point, caring for a family member of even a friend, will directly affect all of us in our lifetime, naturally we become our parents parent and I’m very fortunate to have a close family who can depend on one another, others sadly do not. I saw first hand the care my mother and father gave to their parents and the appreciation and joy that bought to my grandparents but the selfless sacrifices that had to be made and the financial plus social impacts that had, however, for someone you love, caring for them is just natural but it doesn’t mean its not hard work and often 24/7.”

To close Chris added “It’s my privilege to be able to help in any way I can, both personally and as a company, our mission has always been to provide life-changing experiences ‘beyond golf’ and that doesn’t stop at charity. Yes the financials are always vital but some things money can’t buy and to see the smiles and weight lifted off carers when they get a bit of ‘them time’ is priceless.”

Carefree Chairman, Charlie Ricketts, explains that “with the support of hugely influential companies, such as Privatus Club, Carefree aims to enable every full-time unpaid carer to have the chance of a short break at least once a year. We know it’s a towering ambition but with the support of the hospitality industry, a healthy dose of technological innovation and the passion of an official charity partner, like Privatus, our dreams for many individuals and their families, is eminently achievable.