Privatus Recruitment


 From the close relationships Privatus has with many of the worlds elite golf clubs and their internal management teams, we’re kept informed of various employment opportunities and specific job role requests, in a variety of positions, such as:

>   CEO’s/GM’s/Secretaries + Interim Management   

>   Head/Assistant Golf Professionals   

>   Head/Assistant Greenkeepers   

>   Food & Beverage Managers/Supervisors & Waiting Staff   

>   CFO/Financial Administration   


The distinct advantages Privatus Recruitment provides to both its clients and candidates are considered:

–   KNOWLEDGABLE First hand experience of working with both parties, where every candidate placed is NOT simply a CV or LinkedIn profile and every golf club Privatus has prior professional knowledge of and a sound understanding of it’s operational ethos.

–   PERSONABLE… With decades operating within the Professional Golfing industry, Privatus prides itself on the personal rapport it has with the golf clubs it both works with and represents, ensuring that with every candidate placed, their family circumstances and home life conditions around their job, are considered equally as important to their ability to perform in their new working role.

–   EXCLUSIVITY… Working with and on behalf of the worlds top golf clubs, the ilk of candidate Privatus considers is no different to the desired type of clientele clubs wish for us to send them.  Each candidate is accustomed to the demands of the luxury lifestyle standards expected and provided at these prestigious golfing properties.

–   CONSISTENCY… Privatus operate a minimal 10% charge on any successful job placement, with our priority being long term recruits (5+ years) given the nature of Privatus Club Group ethics and our overall business model of exclusivity, trust and consistency.