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Privatus Simulation installs multi-purpose entertainment experiences into various living/work spaces using a number of software options to suit every request.

Built mainly around the desire to play and practice golf, our transparent, impartial and flexible expert advice, informs clients from the very outset, what is the most suitable simulator structure given the space it will be fitted and in addition to perfecting your golf swing, options to every form of playability and relaxation software possible, ensuring there are no surprises and completion afterthoughts.


The visionary for all things sporting and technological derived over two decades ago now, from the ground breaking concept that was the infamous private members club, City Golf in London.  The first of it’s kind anywhere in the world, Full Swing pioneered the early golfing software but today the plethora of not just golfing but further entertainment tech, means there are an abundant of market options, all claiming to do the next best thing.

It was from the basement of the old LIFFE trading floor, opposite the Bank of England in London’s economical heart land, that the ideology of golf being played indoors was created. From the early 2000’s, when the very last ‘Open Out Cry Pit’ closed for business, the City Golf idea was launched from it’s HQ in 99 Gresham Street and this iconic, all encompassing private members club, soon became internationally renowned.

As both the City Golf name and logo suggests, the model was all about having the luxury of hitting golf balls and fine tuning your swing within the confines of a salubrious urban hideaway.  However, this immediate lifestyle convenience minutes from ones office, was not just all about golf, the club boasted one of the finest bar/lounges in the city, memorable corporate events, intimate performance gym/health club and the simulators had multi-facetted uses, from Formula 1 Racing, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket, Football, Poker, Cinema and even Aviation, the list went on and continues to do so to this very day…

From the recommended software providers highlighted below, our Privatus master technicians and meticulous build team, whether for the home, office, a health/sports club or even upon a superyacht, Privatus Simulation ensures your escapism, whether it’s to play the best golf courses in the world, race on the most historic motor circuits or immerse yourself in a cinematic haven, all these desires can become a reality.


Launch Monitor


TrackMan is the powerhouse that underpins the revolution in simulator golf. Virtual Golf version 2 from 2019 via its combination of radar and camera tracking has led to a paradigm-shift in the golf simulator experience with TrackMan 4, that emulates down to the last detail, some of the best courses in the world.  Used by more Tour Players than any other launch monitor, TrackMan has undoubtedly set the benchmark for ball tracking capabilities.


GCQuad launch monitors use a combination of infrared object tracking and high-speed, high-resolution camera-based technology to precisely measure every aspect of club head and ball launch performance.  The world’s most advanced launch monitor technology ideally compliments the world’s best virtual golf and multi-gaming experience.

Launch Monitors & Simulator

Simulators – Launch Monitor – Putting Green


Full Swing creates the ultimate sports simulator experience with state of the art ball tracking simulator plus launch monitor, advanced golf course and swing analysis software, superior hardware performance and multisport gaming options.


TruGolf Simulators utilize high-speed camera technology to capture Ball and Club Data for each shot hit on an indoor golf simulator.  After each swing taken in a TruGolf Simulator, the software provides an in-depth analysis of all Club and Ball Data, in addition to the virtual reality gameplay. The proprietary software engine, E6 CONNECT, features LiDAR Scanned recreations of world-class golf courses and multi-sports entertainment.




GOLFZON has extensive top-level, global technology experience.  With simulators equipped with Auto Tee-up and wide plate, the Moving Swing Plate allows players to hit shots anywhere on the multi-surface hitting mats. The Moving Swing Plate’s accommodates 360 degrees of directional movement to provide real-world play by simulating course slopes from tee box to the putting green.


Zen Green Stage, golf’s most advanced indoor playing surface, recreates any makeable putt on the planet, including double-breaks, and play full shots from sloping lies.  Use it with launch monitors, simulators, and training aids including force plates for a revolutionary new indoor golf experience.  Adjust it in seconds to within +/- 0.1% of a gradient, while you stand on it.  Simple to use, safe, and engineered to world-class standards for Tour players, coaches and private golfers seeking the most realistic experience away from the golf course.

Putting Green



The team behind Body Swing Solutions has over 30 years of experience in the golfing world and through their unique partnership, have devised a method to assess ones physical limitations and swing faults before coaching you in the appropriate drills, exercises and lifestyle changes to create your best golf. This focussed blend of body and swing improvement is the key to better golf.


Located in the heart of Manhattan in the Flat Iron District, Konnect Golf is the only New York based concept to follow on from the renowned Golf & Body revolutionary club.