Chelsea FC – Privatus Club Corporate Founder Membership

Chelsea FC – Privatus Club Corporate Founder Membership

£6,000.00 inc.VAT

Chelsea Football Club clients and players receive the following annual Corporate Founder membership privileges:

– NO joining fees
– Automatically proposed
– Full international network
– Global golf course booking access
– Beyond 19 lifestyle services inclusive
– Up to 4 rotational named members
– Bespoke corporate extras
– Hosted company golf event
– Members guests receive member benefits
– Usual membership rate £9,000.00 inc.VAT

BUY NOW where you’ll be required to fill out your Membership Application Form and Register, before purchasing your Privatus Club Corporate membership. Please complete your details as the lead member name and ask the other 3 members to use the following Registration Form link to complete their sign up to the Corporate membership. For further assistance please contact Privatus Club HQ

Terms & Conditions


Privatus Club membership allows you unique access and privileges to a selection of world renowned golf courses, combining luxury experiences with essential lifestyle services and the benefits of being part of a private members network.